How to Crush Your eCommerce Product Delivery

Covid has created a demand for home delivery like never before in history. What has become an incredible opportunity for eCommerce companies to make sales has also resulted in an equally enormous challenge delivering products to people’s doorstep. To be competitive today, companies need to revolutionize their last-mile delivery

Last-Mile Delivery: 4 Key Trends Impacting the Industry in 2021

Today, most last-mile eCommerce deliveries in the US are conducted by “last-minute” delivery companies like UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Some reports suggest that these companies can account for up to 95% of all eCommerce orders in the United States. Is that who you’ve been relying on? Since the pandemic

Contactless deliveries: four key elements to consider

Just as the pandemic has taught us to adopt new health measures and limit our contacts, companies have had to adjust their delivery service to meet these requirements and keep their staff and customers safe. Packages tend to be handled by different hands throughout the delivery process, so limiting contacts

Deliveries: The importance of photos as proof of delivery

While home delivery has become much more popular recently, it also has its fair share of challenges for some companies. While home delivery is convenient for customers, it certainly isn’t as convenient for delivery companies. From dispatching to last-mile delivery, companies have to take a number of steps to

Guide: Start a Meal Prep Delivery Business

Not long before the pandemic started, a new industry was emerging and becoming popular all over the world: meal prep delivery. Both convenient and healthy, meal prep services have rapidly been adopted by consumers, and the demand hasn’t stopped increasing since then. A Grand View Research report estimates that

Furniture deliveries: how to deal with damaged deliveries

If you’re in the furniture industry, you have probably dealt with damage as incidents frequently happen, especially with furniture. According to a recent study, 34% of the packages that are returned by customers are damaged products. With eCommerce return rates being between 20% and 30%, it accounts for many

Sustainable shipping: 4 ways to make your deliveries eco-friendly

Since customers have become less patient and expect to receive their orders as soon as possible, technology has become an essential element of business operations. However, consumers are also becoming more concerned about global climate change, and with good reason. According to an EIA study, fuel emissions accounted for 74%

How to best equip drivers for an outstanding delivery service

We may not always see it, but drivers play an essential role in the delivery experience. They are the ones who interact with customers and ensure that orders are safely delivered to the correct people. They represent your company as the point of connection between you and your customers. Therefore,

How being reactive can prevent customers’ bad delivery experiences

Most eCommerce companies will receive a negative review or complaint from a customer who experienced bad delivery service, and bad experiences can have a significant impact on customers’ retention and the company's image. In order to address the ways companies can deal with bad customer experiences, we need to understand

Post-purchase: how to make your customers feel good about their decision

If companies think that they don’t have much to do after their customers have purchased their products, they are far from correct. Many customers have adopted home delivery in recent years, and as such, they have become more demanding regarding delivery service, making it an important element in the

Survey: customers’ delivery expectations in 2022

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