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Cigo Team

3 things to consider when choosing a 3PL business for your deliveries

Thinking of outsourcing delivery to a 3PL company? As an e-commerce business, deliveries are an essential part of your daily operations, and as your business rapidly expands, you may start thinking about outsourcing fulfillment. Many 3PL businesses have flourished in recent years as online sales have increased considerably. Therefore, you

Post-purchase series #2: how to offer a personalized post-purchase experience

Why is it important to personalize your service for customers Customers want to feel as though they are being cared for. They expect a personalized experience based on their needs. Companies that fail to identify various consumer needs and neglect to adapt their services to each customer have fewer chances

Post-purchase series #1: how to increase customers’ trust in your brand

Every day, customers are exposed to advertisements from brands selling products. Therefore, people become more cautious every time a company approaches them in any way. They think companies will incite them to purchase products they don’t need and keep insisting, sometimes making them feel bad when they say no.

Why technology is a necessity for businesses offering delivery in 2021

Do you offer delivery but haven’t yet optimized the process by going digital? It’s now or never! Using technology to automate your deliveries and offer a seamless experience to customers is not just a must anymore — it is a necessity. Technology: how to survive in 2021 The pandemic

Deliveries to consumer workplaces: how to offer the best service

In the US and Canada, approximately 20% of online shoppers ask for their parcels to be delivered to their workplace, according to IMRG. People are returning to offices, but they still want to benefit from the convenience of having products delivered. In order to stand out from the competition, it

6 struggles delivery drivers face every day and how to overcome them

Delivering items to customers definitely has its own set of challenges that drivers experience every day. From unexpected traffic to missed deliveries, drivers have to deal with a number of elements on their delivery route that might cost you time and money. With technology, most of these struggles can now

Grocery delivery: how to offer the best experience to your customers

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for grocery deliveries has greatly increased, and businesses have adapted their services to respond to health instructions. According to Sobeys, online grocery sales rose by 241% compared to 2019, and Metro said its online grocery orders have tripled. People ordered groceries online

Pharmacies: Why prescription delivery is essential in 2021

While the pandemic has greatly escalated online shopping, it has also increased the need for customers’ convenience. Now more than ever, people have gotten used to having their orders delivered at home, and companies are putting more effort into providing a seamless delivery experience. With telehealth and public health instructions,

How did the pandemic increase customers’ expectations of delivery service?

Have you noticed that your customers are becoming less tolerant of delivery issues? Have you started receiving more calls from angry customers? The pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives and has considerably reshaped the way we shop, with 40% of people saying they shopped more online during