Same-day delivery: the new logistics trend

Since the start of the pandemic, online shopping has become increasingly popular. People love the convenience of receiving orders without having to leave their homes. In a recent survey we conducted, 86% of respondents said they have been shopping online more frequently since the pandemic began.

New trends have emerged, and customers’ expectations have evolved. One particular trend is the option of same-day delivery. While companies predicted this option would become popular in a few years, the pandemic greatly expedited the need for same-day delivery.

Why should you offer same-day delivery?

While some customers may have initially felt obligated to shop online during the pandemic, many have said they will continue to do so at the same rate from now on. However, their expectations are changing, and companies must adapt quickly if they want to stay competitive.

A way to respond to customers’ expectations

While customers were fairly tolerant at the start of the pandemic, they now expect that companies have had time to adapt, and they are less understanding of any disturbance regarding their deliveries.

The importance of delivery speed. Delivery speed is one of the expectations that have significantly increased and is considered one of the main criteria when people decide whether or not to purchase online. Once they purchase the product, they expect to have it in their possession as soon as possible.

In fact, 67% of our survey’s respondents said they considered delivery speed to be an important element, and more than 60% said they had paid for faster delivery in the past.

Customers pay for faster deliveries. Some studies confirm that people are willing to pay to get their orders faster. According to a McKinsey study, 50% of respondents said they would be willing to pay for same-day delivery.

Millennials are the most likely to pay for premium delivery, and a study shows that 56% of millennials expect same-day delivery. They are also the most likely to shop online. So, if your brand targets this demographic, you should consider offering same-day delivery.

Same-day delivery: the new way to stand out

Innovation and competitiveness. With more companies automating their delivery operations, businesses have had to innovate and double their efforts to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. This is how same-day deliveries became the new trend in the logistics industry. This is why big companies like Amazon and Walmart have started to offer this option to their customers.

Have you ever wished you could get your order immediately, regardless of the delivery fee? Have you ever been in an urgent situation where you needed a product as soon as possible?

If your customers have the choice between getting their groceries delivered today or in two days, it is likely that they won’t hesitate to choose the first option. As customers usually value quality and immediacy equally, offering high-quality products may no longer be sufficient. You may offer better quality products than your competitors, but if they offer same-day delivery and you don’t, your customers might opt for delivery speed over product quality.

Increase customersloyalty. Companies have found same-day deliveries to be the perfect way to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering their orders earlier than they expected and making a good impression.

One of the main elements that often prevents customers from buying online is that they won’t get their product immediately. With same-day delivery, they will have to wait only a few hours instead of days to get their products.

Customers value efficiency; it shows them that they can trust your brand to provide a good delivery experience. Therefore, they are more likely to order again from your brand if you do everything to make it convenient for them to buy online.

Which industries should offer same-day delivery?

Grocery stores. Sometimes customers need a product right away. They might be busy and not be able to get it themselves. For example, they might be making a recipe and notice halfway through that they are missing an important ingredient.

They might be out of toilet paper, body wash, detergent, or anything else that they will need the same day.

While same-day delivery has become relevant for grocery stores and convenience stores that deliver essential products, the trend started with non-essential products.

Furniture. Delivery speed can be important in the furniture industry, as many items are essential in our daily lives. For example, a couple that just moved in to a new place will appreciate it if their new bed can be delivered the same day they order it so they can sleep in it the night of.

They could have ordered a new office chair as theirs had just broken and they would be delighted to be able to use the new one right away. As that furniture is usually used, customers will probably pay more attention to delivery speed, and if you manage to deliver it to them on the same day, it’s definitely a must.

Electronics. As more people are working from home, the need for electronic devices is increasing. As a matter of fact, people have had to set up offices at home, including computers and printers. If a device is not functioning, people may need to replace it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t affect their work. Same-day delivery will relieve their anxiety by providing a new device to let them continue working without too much interruption.

More pop-up distribution centers

To respond to the demand and increase delivery speed, pop-up distribution centers have begun to emerge, bringing products closer to customers than ever. Those distribution centers allow companies to deliver faster as they can store their products in different locations and reduce the distance between customers and the warehouse.

These new solutions should be attentively considered by companies in 2022. Technology has significantly increased the pace of innovation, and businesses that fail to innovate will be left behind. While same-day delivery allows companies to stand out from competitors today, it will become a must-have in a few years. In 2023, five-to-seven-day deliveries will likely be gone, and this is why companies should not waste a minute adopting new trends and technologies.

How can you increase delivery speed and offer same-day delivery?

Pop-up distribution centers

As delivery expectations increase, businesses will need to speed up their deliveries to meet customer demand. To do this, they will have to travel shorter distances, which is not always possible when most of the stock is in the same place. This is why pop-up distribution centers are important.

What is a pop-up distribution center? It is a temporary warehouse where companies can store their products for a period of time. This could also be useful for companies that have seasonal sales and need more storage for their products at specific times of the year.

Companies will then be able to increase delivery speed as they can choose a distribution center closer to some of their stores in order to deliver faster. Drivers that are taking care of home delivery will also be more efficient as they won’t have to drive long distances.

Delivery automation

As we mentioned, technology is the key nowadays for companies that wish to stand out and offer a better delivery experience to their customers. With delivery software, businesses are now able to automate their deliveries and save precious time on the route.

Route builders. Technology like delivery software has allowed companies to automate their operations with powerful tools that shorten delivery times. These intelligent platforms are equipped with route builders that allow businesses to create complex routes in seconds and dispatch drivers efficiently. If you have different warehouses, you will be able to create routes.

Route optimization. The route builder will optimize your routes using real-time data to make sure your drivers are always on the fastest route. This will reduce wasted time in traffic and allow your drivers to deliver more packages.

Delivery software will also allow you to enhance your customers’ delivery experience with real-time tracking, proof of delivery, logged incidents, full offline mode, and more. If you wish to learn more about all the ways delivery software will improve your operations, read this blog.

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